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Pure Nutrition's Micronised Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure ®) has the potential to increase energy output, strength, stamina, and reduce muscle fatigue/recovery periods.


Creapure® is not the same as other Creatine.
A glass of cold water can contain harmful bacteria and germs although it looks no different from 100% pure water.
And the same goes for Creatine. A white powder that looks pure enough could in fact be interior quality Creatine, containing toxicological and therefore possibly harmful impurities.Creatine is usually taken over a fairly lengthy period, either with intermittent breaks or continuously. For this reason, the quality of Creatine should be an important consideration in selecting a product. Creapure® is the premium brand of Creatine worldwide and meets high individual standards of quality, safety and effectiveness.


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