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Not all proteins are created equally

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Whey protein is a complete protein, meaning that it contains an abundant amount of all essential amino acids which are required to rebuild and repair body tissues. 

As the market diversifies there are more choices in protein including alternatives to whey such as plant proteins. Whilst these proteins can offer benefits to some consumers who due to dietary choices or allergies require non-dairy proteins, a key consideration for everyone else should be the protein quality score of any given product. Plant proteins are less complete than whey protein in terms of their amino acid profile meaning that you would need to consume more of them, or even blends in order to get the same benefits as you would by consuming whey.

Below is a table listing various protein sources and their protein quality scores. As you will see, all of the commonly used protein quality-scoring methods show whey protein to be an excellent, high quality source of protein.

Protein Type  Protein Digestibility (PDCAAS)   Biological Value (BV)   Grams protein per 100g   Complete Protein? 
 Pure Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate 1.00 100 93 YES
 Pure Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate
1.00 100 80 YES
 Pure Nutrition Calcium Casienate 1.00 80 96.4 YES
 Pure Nutrition Soy Protein Isolate 1.00 74 87.1 YES
 Whole Egg 1.00 88 12.6 YES
 Cow's Skim Milk 1.00 90 3.35 YES
 Chicken Breast 1.00 79 16 YES
 Tuna 1.00 70 23.6 YES
 Beef Protein 0.92 80 30.37 YES
 Peanuts 0.52 43 20 NO
 Wheat Gluten 0.25 54 55 NO

There are many benefits to consuming whey protein. At the age of 25-30 the body starts to lose its lean muscle mass. As this process continues we then start to lose mobility and muscles fatigue more easily. Also as a higher muscle mass burns more calories with are 35% of calorie expenditure coming from muscle mass. As this reduces it becomes much easier to gain weight from the same diet as when we had a greater muscle mass. In addition protein also helps in how the body responds to critical illness helping to support the immune system and bone repair. 

What sets Pure Nutrition WPI apart from other whey varieties is the purity as well as containing less than 1g of carbs, fat or sugar. It also does not contain any protein blends, filler or bulking agents.

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