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About Us

Who operates the Pure Nutrition website? 

australian-owned.jpg Pure Nutrition is wholly owned and operated by the Australian company Nexius Pty Ltd

ACN: 101 809 456
ABN: 86 101 809 456

Who should use our products?

Our products are designed for male and females of all ages who have health goals such as;

  • muscle growth & repair
  • weight management
  • improved diet
  • enhanced endurance
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Healthy Ageing

What makes Pure Nutrition products so unique?

All products are in their pure form
As all our products are in their pure form you know exactly what you are buying and what it contains. 
This is in contrast to most other health supplement where it is often difficult to work out what ingredients are present and in which particular quantities.

We don't use any preservatives, flavours or colours
Yes that's right, our products contain no hidden nasties.

We only offer the highest quality supplements at affordable prices
We only use the finest of raw materials in our products, as we understand that when it comes to ones health there should be no compromises. We will NEVER offer inferior products so that we can lower out bottom line or make our products the cheapest in Australia. Instead to keep our supplements affordable we cut out expensive distribution channels and the retail "middle man" and sell direct to you.

Quality Assurance

Before production begins, all raw materials are sampled and tested using internationally recognised procedures to determine that the material is of the highest quality and meets all specifications.

Our packaging facilities meet the stringent quality assurance standards established by national and state regulatory bodies. All handling of Pure Nutrition products is undertaken in custom-built fully climate controlled clean rooms which are HACCP certified and approved by the NSW Food Authority.

All procedures are continuously assessed against quality assurance standards and through independent quality assurance audits by the NSW Food Authority and external HACCP certifier.

During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure product quality and freshness is maintained right up until it reaches our customer.




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