mixing protein powder

The Benefits of Mixing Protein Powder

mixing protein powder

For people who are lactose intolerant and do not have any problem with eating dairy products, mixing protein powder with milk is still one of the top ways to make a healthy protein shake at home. The mix tastes good and it is generally smooth, unlike water-based shakes that tend to taste too thick. Protein shakes can be made for a variety of purposes such as weight loss or recovery, muscle building, general fitness, etc. Read on to discover 3 ways to mix protein powder with different foods.

  • Vegetarians: Mixing protein powders with soy products is one of the best things that you can do if you are a vegetarian. There are many soy products available in health food stores today such as tofu, miso and tempeh, so you can easily find vegan protein powders at your local health food store. One good tip to remember when mixing protein powder with soy products is that you should use an enzyme blend for optimum results. The blend will help the protein powders stick to soy milk and prevent them from mixing with the other ingredients.
  • Dairy-Free People: For dairy-free people, using a milk-based protein shakes is out of the question. There are many people, even lactose intolerant people who do not like to eat dairy products. The reason is that milk contains lactose, which is an enzyme that is needed to digest and absorb lactose, the main sugar in milk. So, mixing protein powder with milk is not advisable for people who have this disease.
  • Body Building: If you want to build muscle and lose fat, then you need to add some extra calories into your daily intake. That is where protein shakes come into play. They are a great way to increase your calorie intake without gaining unwanted fat. It is important to note though that you should only drink water or diet soda with these protein shakes. You do not want to create a situation where you are dehydrated and lose extra calories from drinking water.
mixing protein powder
  • Dieter: For dieters or people who want to cut back on calories, then protein powder is a great way to go. There are many diet products available at stores these days that contain skim milk, but they still contain many calories. The protein powder takes away those calories without adding any unhealthy calories. Another benefit to drinking this product is that it has high levels of fibre which keeps you feeling full longer. So, it keeps you from snacking during the day, which can be a big mistake.
  • Vegetarians: Many vegetarians these days are switching over to soy or flaxseed based protein shakes because they are healthier for them. Soy is a natural source of protein and it does not include any artificial ingredients that could potentially harm an allergy sufferer. Flaxseed, on the other hand, is made from the oil of the flax plant, which contains high amounts of healthy fats. This makes it healthier than dairy products and you will feel the effects by taking flaxseed.
  • Athletes: Athletes need a supplement to give them the energy and strength they need to perform their best. Because they burn so many calories, they need to have a high source of protein in their diet to replenish what they have used up after working out. Protein powders are a perfect replacement for meat and milk proteins. They are also a great way to stay healthy when you are on a diet.

Overall, protein powders are a good thing. They are readily available at your local drugstores and they are cheaper than beef and chicken meals. They are very convenient, too. You mix them up and drink them right away. If you are one of those people who are interested in mixing protein powder but do not know what to look for, make sure to check out this article.

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